Axis vs Allies | Server Rules

General Rules

Don’t RDM - don’t kill someone without a valid reason.

  • Killing minorities is permitted. eg. African Americans, women.
  • You may kill someone in self-defence.
  • You may kill members of the opposite faction, unless under orders not to, eg. cease fire.
    NLR applies in non-combat situations, eg. killing someone trying to rat you out.
    Roleplay as the job you are playing.
    Don’t metagame - using out of character information in-game.

Gameplay Rules

Breaking gameplay rules may result in demotion, rather than staff punishment
Upon becoming an officer and all ranks above, you may promote up to 3 ranks below.
High Command may promote up to one rank below them.
You may only be promoted once per day.
Anti-tank roles may only shoot armoured vehicles.
You may not fake your rank unless you steal a uniform from someone, otherwise, you must wear the rank you are.
Engineers may not heal tanks during active combat.